How To Choose A Tattoo Studio

Reputable Tattoo Studios

The sign of a good reputable tattoo studio can be recognised by the quality of the equipment they use. By using superior machines and materials the tattoo artist can then provide the best end result. The studios major concern should be the protection and safety of its clients and  using the best quality items is the surest way of doing this.

A good quality gun, used to apply the tattoo is the backbone of any studio. If it is of a high standard then this equipment will last for many years and will ensure that you will get the best quality result every time.

The right needles used by the tattoo artist make sure that the client is always protected. Although needles can be sterilised and re used the most favoured needle is the variety that after use is disposed of to prevent any risk of cross contamination. Your studio should only use high quality inks as poor or cheaper ink can harm the customer. You want your tattoos to last a long time and this is achieved by using high quality products.

Attached to the machine and the gun are tubes that can be of two types. The can be made of either plastic or stainless steel and although the metal ones have been used for many years and then sterilised after use they have been replaced with plastic tubes that are then only used once for each client and then disposed off. This makes the whole process more hygienic for the client.

Stencils are used by the tattoo artist to get the chosen design from the book to the skin and there are now papers that can help with clean perfect lines onto the skin. These techniques will ensure that the tattoo artist and you will get the design that you requested.

… not at choosing a tattooist who can spell you’re not!

Medical paper us used for clients to sit on which is then discarded after each client. This paper protects the clients from bodily fluids and ensures that these are not transferred to the next client. Other essential equipment includes gloves, gauze and ointment to ensure hygienic conditions at all times.

A studio equipped with the best and right tattoo equipment will ensure that their reputation is of high standing. Health and safety standards help the client to feel comfortable and that you are giving them the best possible service when they have their tattoo. Good practices of this kind will enhance your studios reputation for many years.